Adventures in Paddleboarding - BUG ALERT!


Adventures in Paddleboarding - Watch out for the bugs!

So, it turns out that insect repellent is super important to have when paddleboarding. There are tons of bugs on the water! I ate some unexpected protein (bugs are crunchy in case you didn’t know) the last time I was out at Saguaro Lake. I am a quick learner so this time I even sprayed it over my head. Bugs were kept at bay - no crunchy protein snacks for me anymore! Target sells the small travel size repellants, so I bought one of those and threw it into my waterproof bag that I always have on the board while paddling. Repellant will always be with me unless I forget the bag at home. Problem solved!

It is our 24th wedding anniversary this coming Sunday and my husband and I plan on spending it paddle boarding (bug-free) and hanging out at the lake (although it will be after watching some morning football).  AZ life is hard  ;-)

IMG_5786   IMG_5774