Adventures in Paddleboarding in Florida!

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Adventures in Paddleboarding - December 2017 in FL

We finally had our first chance to paddleboard outside of AZ in December. We attended a wedding in Mt. Dora, FL and while there we did a 3-4 hour guided tour with Katrina, the owner of Adventure Outdoor Paddle. It was awesome! At first we were going to just rent the boards and paddle on our own, but then we were reminded by family of alligators in the local lakes. This totally freaked us out, but we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity of paddling there so we opted for the guided tour. We paddled for a about 1 1/2 hours from Lake Dora through the Dora Canal, had lunch at the Fish Camp Restaurant in Lake Eustis, a great place off of the water that has a dock you can leave your board, or whatever watercraft you are on, then paddled back through the canal and ended back at Lake Dora. Fortunately and unfortunately we did not see any gators on our tour (we even looked for one in one of the canals we went through). We did see many birds in the Dora Canal, a few fishermen, and signs that said Beware of Alligators, but no gators. The next morning, one of the ladies from the wedding party captured a picture of an alligator in Lake Dora. The gators are out there, we just didn't see them, they could have been swimming under us for all we know!

If you ever get a chance to visit the Mount Dora/Tavares area in FL, look into doing a paddleboard or kayak tour with Katrina of Adventure Outdoor Paddle.

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