Adventures in Paddleboarding Session #3


Adventures in Paddleboarding Session #3 (Session #2 was a hot mess)


We finally decided on our second paddleboard and purchased it this weekend at NoSnow. It is a little more stable than our first paddleboard and can hold more weight. We tried it out at Butcher Jones as soon as we bought it. It was late in the day so we were able to catch the beautiful sunset.

Because the board can hold more weight, my husband was able to paddle around with our 130 pound 15-year-old daughter sitting on the front of the board. It was a little harder to paddle with the extra weight, but she had a great time and that’s what counts.

We only paddled around in the No Wake Zone of the lake, but next time we will venture further out. Hopefully we won’t fall in!

IMG_5710       IMG_5731