Hiking in Arizona


After last Memorial Day weekend (2018), I realized my right shoulder was hurting a lot. Turned out that I had torn my rotator cuff, it was a full tear so I had to have surgery. This has put a crimp in my paddleboarding adventures. I had surgery in August 2018 and am still not 100 percent this January 2019. I probably won't be paddleboarding for a few months still. The good news is I started hiking! I started out slow in case I fell and injured my shoulder again, only a couple of miles two to three times a week. Once I felt stronger, we (my husband and I) increased our miles. Sunset hikes are our favorite, mostly because we are not morning people and because after our hikes we drink wine. Yes, I buy small plastic bottles or cans of wine and drink after our hikes. Come to think of it, every sport I do involves alcohol. Lol!

Some of our favorite local hikes are:

1) Pass Mountain Trail at Usery Mountain Regional Park in Mesa, AZ (this hike is about 7.5 miles round trip)

2) Treasure Loop trail #56 to Prospector's View Trail and down Syphon Draw at Lost Dutchman State Park (about 3 miles round trip)

3) Hieroglyph Trail in Gold Canyon (3 miles round trip).

Arizona is a great place for hikes and beautiful sunsets. Every time we hike, we realize how beautiful the desert is and how much we love living here. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. If you haven't hiked Arizona yet, you should definitely give it a try!