Mosquito Repellant Plants

Home Improvement

Evenings are beautiful here in Arizona. Once the sun starts going down and the temperature drops, I look forward to spending time outside. But sometimes that time is cut short by annoying mosquitoes. Here is a list of plants that are known to keep away mosquitoes and allow more enjoyable time outdoors.

1. Citronella Grass has a distinct smell that is a natural mosquito repellant. It is a low maintenance grass and can be grown in a container in cold climates or planted in the ground in warmer climates. When buying, look for either Cybopogon nardus or Citronella winteranius, these are true varieties.

2. Basil gives off a strong scent without having to crush its leaves. The essential oils in its leaves provide very high levels of mosquito protection. You can grow it in pots or in the ground.

3. Lavender repels mosquitos, moths, flies and attracts butterflies! How cool is that? I am currently growing this in my courtyard. I love the fragrance and color it provides. You can rub this plant on your skin to release the oils and repel the little beasts.

4. Rosemary not only is great for flavoring dishes, but also for repelling blood sucking mosquitoes. Both the live plant or cuttings are effective for repelling these pests.

5. Scented Geraniums are also great mosquito repellants, especially the lemon scented type. I am currently growing these in planters in my courtyard as well. Not only do the provide beautiful color, but also keep the mosquitoes away.