Paddleboarding in AZ


Paddleboarding in AZ  is something I have been wanting to try for years. This past weekend, my husband and I finally tried it out. We headed out to No Snow, a local paddleboard store that a friend told me about, to inquire about board rentals, lessons, inflatable boards, etc. We ended up purchasing one inflatable board and renting the other. We weren't sure what size we wanted to purchase for the second board so we rented one that is larger than the one we purchased. We headed out that same afternoon to the Lower Salt River to try it out! Luckily, one of the guys that was at the store offered to go with us. I say luckily, because it turns out there is a proper way of paddling and he was kind enough to show us how. Who knew? Paddleboarding requires a lot of core work, so we both got great workouts. But the best part of it all was just being outside and on the water. The weather is gorgeous right now, sunny and in the 90s, and what better way to enjoy it than being outdoors? We have a quite a few weeks of warm weather ahead of us so we plan on paddleboarding every weekend. We are even talking about going out during our freezing AZ winters (60's and 70s), but we will see...

If you live in AZ, or plan on visiting, this is definitely something you should try out. There are several stores that offer rentals, and the people at No Snow are great and will get you hooked up with what you need.